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Slimming Treatments

CACI Quantum Slimming Treatment

CACI slimming is a modified faradic application to treat a variety of aesthetic problems successfully; i.e. cellulite, poor muscle tone and inch loss. The CACI Quantum also offers a contouring programme to help tighten, strengthen and lift the bust.

A course of treatments is recommended to achieve maximum results.(20-30 min treatment)

G5 Treatment

G5 is a gyratory mechanical massager using 5 different treatment heads. This is an effective treatment for targetting soft and hard fatty areas, cellulite, dry and rough skin texture and muscular tension. This treatment is specifically designed for the hips and thighs.

Universal Contour Wrap

The universal contour wrap was voted the best inch loss treatment on TV’s Supersize v’s Super skinny. The secret to the wrap lies in the unique clay formula, using 25-30 elasticated bandages and special wrapping techniques used during treatment. You simply relax and let the bandages revitalise the body’s elastin and compact areas where fat is stored. Helping to sculpture the body into shape the bandages are pre-soaked in a warm mineral rich clay solution which is absorbed into your skin. The clay draws out the toxins located beneath the skin while exfoliating and cleansing the body.

It guarantees at least 6 inches to last at least 30 days making it great for those special occasions, to kick start a diet or reduce loose skin after pregnancy or weight loss.We encourage you to drink plenty of water after treatment to continue the cleansing process making it unlike any other inch loss wrap.


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